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Light It Up Book – The First 30 Years

The Festival of Lights has produced a new book, marking the 30th Anniversary.  It’s called, “Light It Up – The first 30 years of the Festival of Lights”. Cost is $25.

FOL 30th Anniversary book

Right now, it’s available from Uforik Computers and the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce. We are working on Pharmasave.

Only 200 books have been produced and it contains pieces of history as well as stories and pictures from the first 30 years of Light Up. All in all, it’s 98 pages of Ladysmith history.

Duck Paterson, Festival President said:

“The Festival folks are selling the books for $25.00. Included in this limited edition is a CD containing two songs written, produced and sung by local singers and musicians: “Rents Gone Up” which features Ted Puska, Ed Mulrooney and Jeff Puska.  On the CD is the new song written by the group and it’s titled “Light It Up” and we’re sure that this song will be a real hit with all locals as well as visitors.  The CD is included with the Light It Up book and both for $25.00.  This project is a fundraiser for the Festival of Lights so we can continue.”

A Poem for Light Up

From Kelly Wallace, Ladysmith Ambassador:

‘Twas the month before Christmas, when all down the street; the lights were up hanging for people to see…

For the people in town, and tourists all around, to start the Christmas Season off with a leap and a bound!

An event for all ages, there’s plenty to do, a parade, spaghetti dinner and fireworks too!!

The Festival of Lights brings over 20,000 to see: the beautiful lit up community, Ladysmith, BC

The Red Chair

The Red Chair
John Lees with the Red Chair

The Red Chair’s  journey started in 2011 on Cape Cod, and continues to this day as the chair moves from one inn to the next as a treasured guest and new American icon.

At each stop, the Red Chair is introduced to all that is memorable and beautiful about the local area, with a B&B owner as the chair’s concierge.  Traveling is about getting outside of the everyday and seeing the world with fresh eyes.  Through the journey of the Red Chair, we are all travelers off the beaten track where true relaxation awaits.

The Red Chair is currently in international territory, British Columbia, and this website includes photos, blog posts and news of this famous chair’s five year trek.  As the Red Chair travels, the story grows and you are a part of it!  Share our website, and sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up to date with the story.

The Red Chair Travels is now sponsored by, the most comprehensive listing of bed and breakfasts worldwide.  Hosts of the Red Chair are proud members of

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