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A Poem for Light Up

From Kelly Wallace, Ladysmith Ambassador:

‘Twas the month before Christmas, when all down the street; the lights were up hanging for people to see…

For the people in town, and tourists all around, to start the Christmas Season off with a leap and a bound!

An event for all ages, there’s plenty to do, a parade, spaghetti dinner and fireworks too!!

The Festival of Lights brings over 20,000 to see: the beautiful lit up community, Ladysmith, BC

The Red Chair

The Red Chair
John Lees with the Red Chair

The Red Chair’s  journey started in 2011 on Cape Cod, and continues to this day as the chair moves from one inn to the next as a treasured guest and new American icon.

At each stop, the Red Chair is introduced to all that is memorable and beautiful about the local area, with a B&B owner as the chair’s concierge.  Traveling is about getting outside of the everyday and seeing the world with fresh eyes.  Through the journey of the Red Chair, we are all travelers off the beaten track where true relaxation awaits.

The Red Chair is currently in international territory, British Columbia, and this website includes photos, blog posts and news of this famous chair’s five year trek.  As the Red Chair travels, the story grows and you are a part of it!  Share our website, and sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up to date with the story.

The Red Chair Travels is now sponsored by, the most comprehensive listing of bed and breakfasts worldwide.  Hosts of the Red Chair are proud members of

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The New Chuck Perrin Tree

Bill Drysdale and his dedicated crew removed all lights and decorations from the Chuck Perrin Memorial Tree back in April 2015.

Chuck Perrin tree
Chuck Perrin tree

The Angel came down and now it’s time for a new Emperor’s Coat.  Robin Francis, chair of Visual Design, has found a new look for the tree which sports a new G-30 LED lights and a STARBURST topper.

Adopt a Tree

Festival of Lights has officially kicked off its Adopt a Tree program.

Adopt a Tree

Bulb 058

The ADOPT A TREE is designed to enable us to change from expensive energy consuming incandescent bulbs to longer lasting, entry saving LED’s!! To help make this program a success, as well as to keep Ladysmith on the energy saving map, we have initiated a program where businesses, organizations, families or individuals can sponsor a tree for a one time donation.

Inquiries are to be directed to Greg Edwards on 250-616-1748 or Duck Paterson on 250-246-0637.

How Much Does it Cost?

A tree that has 4 strings of lights x $100 per string for a 5-year period = $400 in total, which actually works out to a cost of $20 per string per year for your sponsorship.

  • Festival will purchase, on behalf of the Adopter, a sign stating their business or individual names, to be placed with the tree they choose, during Light-Up, each year for the 5-year block
  • You can choose the tree you desire along First Avenue although some have been spoken for at this point (the program is a first come/first serve basis)
  • The earlier you make your request, the better able we are to accommodate you as the bulbs have to be ordered and we want to beat the festive rush
  • Festival does have a coordinated colour scheme in effect which allows for consistency of patterns
  • The LED bulbs are new generation and very bright so as not to diminish our show
  • This initiative will save tax payers dollars as the cost to operate each bulb is much less than the current incandescent bulbs

On behalf of the Festival we appreciate your support and hope this new community initiative meets with not only your approval but also your participation.