Light Up 2013

Kinsmen Parade Entry Form 2018

Entries will be limited this year… there is a time frame for the parade so organizers will have to limit the number of entries. Entries that are strictly commercial will not be permitted this year.

Download the entry form and rules:

In the interest of public safety, for spectators and participants, the following are the RULES that all entries must agree to and cooperate with before, during and after the parade.

  1. All entrants MUST agree to follow the rules and directions from all the Kinsmen parade personnel, police and Traffic Control personal.
  2. All entrants MUST stay within the 20 SECOND SPACE, between floats, that is allowed by the Traffic Controllers, at the start of the parade.
  3. All entrants MUST stop at Bob Stuart Park (where instructed to) and NOT BEFORE and off load ALL riders from their floats.
  4. NO ENTRANTS, whether riding or walking, may throw, handout, or in any way distribute any items while in the parade line up or along the parade route.
  5. All entrants MUST have at least one adult walker on either side of their float to help keep the crowd back.
  6. All entrants must have lots of festive decoration and lighting in the spirit of the evening.
  7. Please NO live Santa Claus characters allowed.

Thank you!