Festival of Lights Wins Knights of Columbus Award

The Knights of Columbus Santa Maria Council 4582, after a year of fundraising, presented donation cheques to various charitable organizations in the area. Congratulations to everyone including:

  • Denis Olynyk – Grand Knight
  • Jerry Poiluvre – Knight
  • Elizabeth Weiss – Ladysmith Food Bank
  • Dennis Lait – Ladysmith Recourses Centre
  • Bern Muller – St. Joseph’s School Chemainus
  • Bob Erskine – Knight
  • Elizabeth Nicol – Nanaimo Crossroads Pregnancy Centre
  • Clover Burgas – Boys & Girls Club
  • Cliff Fisher – Ladysmith Festival of Lights
  • Art Gerrand – Knight
  • Ross Lubben – Knight
  • Ray Hedstrom – Disabled Sailing
  • Rev. Anthony Gonsalves
  • Carl Wandler – Knights
  • Jim McGarry – Knight
Cliff Fisher
Cliff receiving the award


How We Ruined Christmas Parades Everywhere

This testimonial came through the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce. We thought we would share this story of how we ruined Christmas parades everywhere.

My husband John and I are from Nanaimo. We are spending three months in the wonderful Californian sun, and enjoying the many cultural events and festivals held at this time of year in Palm Springs. Yesterday we spent time at the International Tamale Festival and had delicious treats. However, why I am really contacting you is to inform you that you have ruined all Christmas Parades for us!!!!

We were truly excited to be at the Christmas Light Up two evenings ago in downtown Palm Springs. We were sorely disappointed as it consisted of groups decked out in flashing Christmas lights with sadly decorated floats. What, no spaghetti dinner, no Christmas crafts, music, fireworks? It even lacked the festive atmosphere that brings smiles, and excitement and feelings of tradition which is so much a part of the wonder of the Ladysmith Festival of Lights.

So thanks again, we will never be able to go to another light  up anywhere without feeling sad and nostalgic. To be serious… you should feel such pride to be part of such a tremendously beautiful event that happens in your special town every late November.

Merry Christmas to you all. ~ Nancy Donovan

Thanks, Nancy.

Ladysmith BC