Maggie Zoe

Take Down – Thanks!

Their investment of time pays off huge for the community each holiday season, attracting thousands to the seaside town to spend money that keeps businesses going. The growth of volunteerism there, is bucking the trend seen in other parts of Canada.

Since moving to Ladysmith seven years ago Robin Francis has become wrapped up in the town’s signature event.

Robin Francis

“I love it. I love it,” says the Ladysmith man. “It just goes you a really good feeling here (patting his chest) being a part of it and it’s such a wonderful town.

This take down day marks the end of the Ladysmith Festival of Lights that brought an estimated 15,000 tourists to the town this past holiday season,

“It’s amazing. It’s magical,” says Ladysmith resident Maggie Mycroft. “There’s every different kind of lights you could possibly imagine.”

“And anybody living here sees what this is doing for the town of Ladysmith,” says Francis.

The economic generator is entirely volunteer run.

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