Light up party

Light Up Ladysmith – Thanks!

This past Sunday saw the town’s 29th Festival of Lights set-up work party.  With the weather people calling for a very miserable day… it started off amazingly sunny and just continued to get better.

Almost before the 9a.m. sign up time for volunteers to show up there were people lined up to help.  The folks manning the registration were not actually prepared for such a large group let alone so early.

The Ladysmith Ambassador candidates, as well as the three Ambassadors, showed up en masse and tool on the job of decorating the trees along side Aggie hall and then moved on to help with the trees at Bob Stuart Park.

GNB BuildersThis year the folks at GNB Builders had their entire staff, and families, come out to help, which FOL organizers said was a first that an “organized group” took on doing some blocks.  Having a co-ordinated group, that is familiar with each other was neat and they worked very well and quickly said the Greg Edwards, festival president.

Along with the volunteers, on the streets, doing lights in the trees volunteers from BC Hydro line crews came out to help and brought three bucket trucks with them.  Edwards said,

“The support from these volunteers from Hydro, and Hydro donating the use of the trucks has really made a huge difference on what we can do on setup day.  We used to have to climb ladders with all the decorations, but now with these guys … they just lift the decorations and place them on the roofs.” Edwards went on to say, “What used to take us up to three weeks now gets done in a day!”

VI TreeV.I. Tree Services from Nanaimo, also sent down two of their bucket trucks and crews to help the Town’s citizens prepare for the annual Light Up.  Duck Paterson, FOL member, said,

“With these guys helping it gave us an opportunity to get the decorations done quicker it also gave the Fire/Rescue volunteers a big help”.

Members of the Ladysmith Fire Rescue Department have been coming out for years and doing all the re-bulbing on the buildings downtown.  Paterson said,

“With the lights being up as long as they have, we’re finding that more and more are burning out and it’s getting to be quite a chore.  So we’re very grateful for the support of the Fire Department for all that they do and we’re really really appreciative of V.I. Tree Service for working with them.”

LDCUThe Festival of Lights will be celebrating their 29th anniversary on Thursday, November 24th with the parade, spaghetti dinner, lots of concessions and wrapping up with an amazing fireworks show sponsored by the Ladysmith and District Credit Union.